Simple Ways To Keep Children Occupied At A Funeral

If you've made the decision to take your children to an upcoming funeral, hopefully you've spent some time thinking about whether they're ready for this setting and occasion. If you believe the answer to this question is a "yes," it's important to remember that you should have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your kids occupied at times. While they should sit quietly and attentively during the service itself, the reality is that there's often plenty of downtime at funerals between the service and the reception -- and it's important that the children keep quiet so that they don't disturb other attendees. Read More 

Five Tips For Arranging A Wake And Funeral When You Are Part Of A Quarreling Family

When a loved one passes away, many members of the family want to show their last respects and grieve the loss of someone that they loved. If you have a family that is in a bitter feud, it can be hard to get both sides of the family together in one place to mourn the loss in peace. The following guide walks you through some tips for ensuring your loved one's funeral goes as smoothly as possible when you have a quarreling family. Read More 

Three Important Reasons To Consider Cremation

If you're putting together the plans for your own funeral and are finding yourself thinking about cremation over a traditional burial, you're joining a steadily increasing group. The rate of cremation across the country has nearly doubled since 1999; by 2019, it's expected that half of Americans will be cremated. But, you don't have to opt for cremation simply because it's getting more popular. Instead, it's better to go this route if you're impressed by the many advantages that cremation, from a location like Final Care Cremation Services, has over a standard embalming and burial. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions For Planning A Viewing

The viewing, also called visitation or calling hours, refers to a period of time before the funeral during which the body of the decedent is displayed in a casket. Though the viewing tends to take place one or two days before the funeral service itself, they are typically planned as part of the same event. The viewing is not mandatory, but many families find solace and comfort in attending them. Not sure what to do? Read More 

Answering Burning Questions concerning Paying Funeral Expenses

When someone close to you passes away unexpectedly, it may leave you with the burden of paying funeral expenses that you may not be able to afford on your own. The average funeral can cost well over $7,000, which is not an amount of money most people have lying around. Not only is it scary to be facing such a large bill you weren't expecting, this will come at a time when you are likely not in an emotional state to be making major financial decisions. Read More