Three Important Reasons To Consider Cremation

If you're putting together the plans for your own funeral and are finding yourself thinking about cremation over a traditional burial, you're joining a steadily increasing group. The rate of cremation across the country has nearly doubled since 1999; by 2019, it's expected that half of Americans will be cremated. But, you don't have to opt for cremation simply because it's getting more popular. Instead, it's better to go this route if you're impressed by the many advantages that cremation, from a location like Final Care Cremation Services, has over a standard embalming and burial. Not sure? Here are three specific benefits that can help you make up your mind.

A Personal Touch

When you opt to have a traditional funeral service in which your embalmed body is displayed in a casket and then transported to a nearby cemetery for burial, you're often limited to a specific set of rules that make it difficult to personalize the entire occasion. With a cremation, however, it's easy to be a lot less formal if that's something that appeals to you. Many people who are cremated ask to have an informal memorial service some number of weeks or months after their death. In many cases, this service can be held at a place that carried special meaning for you, rather than at the funeral home itself.

Distribution Of Ashes

If you're not sure that you like the idea of your body being buried in the cemetery, you might favor any of the methods with which your family can handle your ashes. If you like the idea of your ashes being surrounded by family, you can request that they're put into an urn and kept in a family member's home -- perhaps left in a cabinet in plain sight. You also have the flexibility of asking your family to scatter some or all of your ashes in an area that you enjoyed during your life. For example, if your happiest memories were at the cottage with family, your ashes could be scattered into the lake.

More Money Left In Your Estate

For people who wish to leave as much of their money as possible to their loved ones, cremation can help cut down on the overall cost of your death-related expenses. Cremation, depending on whether you do it directly through a crematory or through the funeral home itself, can range from about $1,500 to $4,000, which is considerably less than a burial. One of the cost-saving benefits of cremation is that you don't have to buy a casket, which is a major expense.