Simple Ways To Keep Children Occupied At A Funeral

If you've made the decision to take your children to an upcoming funeral, hopefully you've spent some time thinking about whether they're ready for this setting and occasion. If you believe the answer to this question is a "yes," it's important to remember that you should have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your kids occupied at times. While they should sit quietly and attentively during the service itself, the reality is that there's often plenty of downtime at funerals between the service and the reception -- and it's important that the children keep quiet so that they don't disturb other attendees. Here are some simple ideas to employ.

Get Some Fresh Air

There's no harm in heading outside for a short while if your children are starting to get restless and could benefit from a brief change of scenery. While something simple such as walking around the building or parking lot can be enough to allow your kids to burn off some energy, you can also take a walk through the funeral home's gardens to look at the flowers. This can take the children's minds off any stress they're experiencing due to the somber occasion.

Focus On Art Activities

If you expect that your children will be sitting for a long time, it's beneficial to pack a couple small pads of paper and some crayons or pencil crayons. Find a couple chairs that aren't in the way of the other attendees and set up your children in this area to do some coloring or drawing. This activity should ideally keep them quiet and hold their attention for several minutes.

Grab Some Snacks

For a funeral with a reception afterward, you can often count on a small place of sandwiches or fresh fruit occupying your children for a long stretch of time. Find a place for them to sit out of the way of other mourners and load up their plates with food. Focus on choosing healthy snacks -- too many sugary cookies and squares can make your children rambunctious and lead to challenges in short order.

Hanging Out With Peers

Provided that they have adult supervision, it can be ideal to have your children spend time with other children of a similar age. Kids have a tendency to keep each other occupied, and as long as they do so in a quiet and respectful manner, you won't have to worry about them creating a disturbance. Contact a business, such as W J Smith & Son Funeral Home, for more information about helping your children during a funeral.