Answering Burning Questions concerning Paying Funeral Expenses

When someone close to you passes away unexpectedly, it may leave you with the burden of paying funeral expenses that you may not be able to afford on your own. The average funeral can cost well over $7,000, which is not an amount of money most people have lying around. Not only is it scary to be facing such a large bill you weren't expecting, this will come at a time when you are likely not in an emotional state to be making major financial decisions. Here are a few of the big questions you will likely have about paying unexpected funeral expenses. 

Will the entire bill have to be paid up front?

There are many funeral homes that do require payment in full before the service can take place, but there are also just as many that will work with you when you are in a dire situation. They may either offer some form of financing on their own or help you find financing through a third-party lender. 

What are a few ways you can save on the costs of a funeral?

There are actually several ways that you may be able to save when you are in the process of planning an unexpected funeral. Cremation is one of the easiest ways to save, as this practice can cost as little as $1,100. But you can also save quite a bit by opting for a closed-casket funeral service or even shopping around to find the best prices on caskets, which are now available through popular retailers. 

Is there a way to get help to pay for unexpected funeral expenses?

There are actually several different ways that you may be able to get help paying for unexpected funeral expenses. Of course, you can always ask for donations to be made by friends and family members instead of offering floral arrangements and other gifts or try to raise money through an affiliated religious organization such as a church. However, you may also be able to get help by checking with the local cabinet for human resources about possibly available indigent funeral funds. This is money set aside by the state to help pay for resident funerals and may be as little as a few hundred dollars, which is the case in New Mexico, or as high as $1,800, which may be available in Connecticut for some residents. Be sure to look around before you despair of having enough funds for your loved one's funeral.