5 Times To Hold A Memorial Service Instead Of A Funeral

There are as many ways to honor someone who has passed away as there are people. And while most people automatically associate a passing with a funeral, there are times when a memorial service is even more appropriate. What are some of these? Here are a few situations when it's an excellent and respectful choice.  1. When You Need More Time. A funeral generally must occur within a short period of time after a person passes. Read More 

Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One? Why You Should Plan A Traditional Funeral

If your loved one has passed away, it's time to make the final arrangements. If you've decided against a traditional funeral service, you might want to rethink that decision. You might not realize this, but a funeral service is a beneficial way for you to say goodbye to your loved one. Here are four reasons to plan a traditional funeral for your loved one.  Bring Loved Ones Together Now that your loved one has passed away, friends and family may want to say goodbye. Read More 

3 Funeral Planning Tips To Help You Make Smart Decisions

Few people like talking about death and funerals. However, it is the only way to transition into the other world after your time is over. When it happens to a loved one, it is common to experience grief because you will not interact with them anymore. However, the best way to achieve closure is to plan the funeral they would have wanted. You'll have many ideas in mind, which could cause a conflict within you. Read More 

3 Benefits of Cremation Pre-Planning

Death strikes when no one expects, and send-off preparations can give your family a stressful time. Pre-planning gives you a chance to have all your wishes granted. You have an opportunity to let your family know how you want them to remember you. You may desire to have your body cremated for environmental and personal reasons. With a pre-plan, there is nothing that you wished that your family would leave undone. Read More 

How To Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Were you diagnosed with a terminal illness that is in the last stages? If you don't want to leave your family with the responsibility of coming up with the finances for your funeral, there are things that you can do in advance to prepare. With the right plan in place, it is possible that your family will not have to spend any of their own money on your funeral expenses. This article has a few suggestions that you can consider to prepare for your funeral in advance. Read More