How To Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Were you diagnosed with a terminal illness that is in the last stages? If you don't want to leave your family with the responsibility of coming up with the finances for your funeral, there are things that you can do in advance to prepare. With the right plan in place, it is possible that your family will not have to spend any of their own money on your funeral expenses. This article has a few suggestions that you can consider to prepare for your funeral in advance.

Open a Bank Account that is Payable on Death

One of the best ways to save money for your funeral expenses is via a bank account that is payable on death (POD). The great thing about a POD account is that it does not involve a long process to create, as with any regular bank account. You will be able to save as little or much money as you desire in the account. The person that you want to handle your funeral arrangements can be named as the beneficiary of the account. However, he or she will have no rights to the money until you are deceased, and you can name a different beneficiary at any time you desire.

Opt for Your Body to Be Cremated

If you want to save money on your funeral expenses, opting for cremation is a wise decision to make. You will then be able to help your family avoid having to spend money on a casket. Your ashes will simply be placed inside of an urn, which can be kept by your family in your memory. You can also tell your family to scatter the ashes in a special location if you desire it to be done. Keep in mind that an urn of ashes can also be buried in a cemetery.

Start Raising Money for the Funeral Expenses

If you don't already have money saved up for your funeral expenses, you can start raising it. There are websites that will allow you to make an account specifically for obtaining donations from people. Depending on the fundraising site that you choose, people from all around the world will be able to donate money. All you have to do is explain that you are terminally ill, and can also upload photographs that show what your health state is. Contact a few funeral homes like Foran Funeral Home to get a general idea of how much money you will need to raise.