Frequently Asked Questions For Planning A Viewing

The viewing, also called visitation or calling hours, refers to a period of time before the funeral during which the body of the decedent is displayed in a casket. Though the viewing tends to take place one or two days before the funeral service itself, they are typically planned as part of the same event. The viewing is not mandatory, but many families find solace and comfort in attending them. Not sure what to do? Read More 

Answering Burning Questions concerning Paying Funeral Expenses

When someone close to you passes away unexpectedly, it may leave you with the burden of paying funeral expenses that you may not be able to afford on your own. The average funeral can cost well over $7,000, which is not an amount of money most people have lying around. Not only is it scary to be facing such a large bill you weren't expecting, this will come at a time when you are likely not in an emotional state to be making major financial decisions. Read More 

Choosing The Right Memorial For Your Loved One

It's time to find a headstone to put up on the grave of your friend or family member. Memorials are a way to mark the passing of an individual. It will be seen not only by people visiting the grave, but by passersby who are in the cemetery to visit others. The marker is a way to convey your feelings about your loved one to those strangers. Here are some considerations when looking for just the right memorial. Read More 

Trends In The Use Of Technology And Funeral Services

Funeral homes are finding more ways to take advantage of the use of technology to provide a lasting, meaningful memorial to the clients and families they serve. Some of these services are provided to families at no charge. The following trends are becoming more prevalent in the funeral services industry. Social Media Funeral homes are using social media for several purposes. Social media provides a free place to publish funeral announcements and obituaries. Read More 

Give Your Family the Gift of Pre-Planned Arrangements

While death is a part of life, this is a destination no one is eager to arrive upon. However, since it is inevitable, setting aside a few moments to pre-plan your arrangements for your internment can be very helpful and thoughtful for the loved ones you leave behind. Pre-Planning Benefits Less Stressful Everyone handles grief differently. While some people are able to grieve while still meeting their daily obligations, for some people, these types of tasks can seem impossible to tackle. Read More