5 Times To Hold A Memorial Service Instead Of A Funeral

There are as many ways to honor someone who has passed away as there are people. And while most people automatically associate a passing with a funeral, there are times when a memorial service is even more appropriate. What are some of these? Here are a few situations when it's an excellent and respectful choice. 

1. When You Need More Time. A funeral generally must occur within a short period of time after a person passes. Even if the body will be embalmed, it should be buried within a reasonably short time frame. If your family needs more time to arrive, to plan, or to pay for a send-off, remember that a memorial service can be done at any time — even months later. 

2. When You Want Simplicity. Memorial services are generally more relaxed and casual affairs than traditional funerals. Which is right for your family? The answer depends on your style of mourning and the personalities of all involved — including the deceased loved one. If you want a simpler service with fewer trappings and no requirements, a memorial is the right choice. 

3. When the Person Wasn't Religious. Traditional funerals are usually based on religious ceremonies and beliefs. Was your loved one not a religious, or even a spiritual, person? If so, a more secular memorial is a chance for everyone to express their love for the deceased and their family without infringing on anyone's beliefs. 

4. When You Have a Limited Budget. Unfortunately, the reality of final arrangements is that money must play a role. Whether the estate has little or your family can't afford a large service, a memorial makes it easier to stick to a budget. The absence of the remains, to begin with, makes things less costly and simpler. There's no harm in recognizing that you shouldn't spend money no one has. 

5. When a Wake Is Too Jovial. Some families combine a more somber funeral with a more celebratory wake afterward. But wakes and celebrations of life could feel too jovial and party-like for your taste. A good solution may be to plan an event that falls in between these two extremes. Memorials take the best of both funerals and celebrations and turn them into one gathering. 

Where to Start

Could a memorial be right for your family or for your own pre-planning arrangements? If so, start by learning more about them. Meet with a funeral home in your area to learn more about memorials and other services. Call today to make an appointment. For more information on funeral home services, contact a professional near you.