3 Benefits of Cremation Pre-Planning

Death strikes when no one expects, and send-off preparations can give your family a stressful time. Pre-planning gives you a chance to have all your wishes granted. You have an opportunity to let your family know how you want them to remember you. You may desire to have your body cremated for environmental and personal reasons. With a pre-plan, there is nothing that you wished that your family would leave undone.

Find below some benefits of cremation pre-planning.

1. Reduced Costs

Cremation services can prove expensive. Early financial preparations eliminate financial strains when death calamity strikes suddenly. If you already have your cremation costs on your budget, your family won't have the burden to raise money to grant your wishes. Besides, cremation will reduce the costs of a coffin for the body and other expenses. Sometimes, the family may have to get loans to cater for the bills. If you already have that catered for, your family won't have to get into loans or debts.

Besides, like many other costs, cremation services costs also increase over time. You can sort your costs early enough to avoid extra costs in the future due to inflation. Thus, prepaid cremation is a smart approach to protect your loved ones from spending extra cash.

2. Peace of Mind

The loss of a family member brings mixed emotions. The family has to grieve and at the same time contribute send-off money. In such situations, a pre-planned cremation will solve one problem for the family. The ashes kept in the house will give the family and friends closure and the ability to cope with the loss of a loved one.

3. Reduced Family Conflicts

Family disagreements might arise due to some legal matters. These issues could be because some people prefer traditional burial while others prefer cremation. Other issues involved are inheritance and next of kin matters. A pre-plan will clarify whoever will store the ash and not let people fight over it.

You wouldn't wish to have people fighting during your send-off because of misunderstandings. You want them to remember you well and celebrate your life. You can ensure that this happens when you pre-plan. State your wealth divisions clearly in your will. This provision will also empower your family to know what to do.


Cremation pre-planning is essential and helps prevent unnecessary family conflicts, costs and stress. No one would wish to leave the family with a financial burden. Last-minute preparations are also hectic, and planning yourself will make things easier for everyone. So, consider cremation pre-planning for the sake of your family and friends.

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