What To Consider When Making A Headstone Inscription

Coming up with a headstone inscription to honor the memory of a loved one can be daunting, but it can also bring you great comfort if you choose the right wording. The tips below can guide you in the process so you can come up with something inspirational and expressive.  

Choose the headstone material wisely

The material used for the headstone often sets the length of the inscription. If you want an inscription with lots of small italics, for instance, limestone would be an unsuitable choice, as the wording would be hard to read and wouldn't last very long. A slate headstone would be much more appropriate for such an inscription, as it allows for small sized letterforms and fine carving. Limestone, on the other hand, can be a great choice for large, bold letterforms, although it would probably mean the inscription would have to be short.

Be unique

There is a lot that you can do to give the headstone and inscription a more personal feel. A few words that reflect the life of the deceased or a passionate quote that expresses your love could make much more of an impact than going for overused or trending epitaphs.

You can also opt to place the epitaph along the side, at the front, or in a circle around the headstone depending on what feels right to you. If you have a long epitaph, using the back of the headstone could allow you to convey your message without cluttering the front. Options for placement are plenty, so discuss with your funeral home about a design that fits your needs.

Remember that there is no obligation to include full names and dates, and keeping the inscription short and simple could have a longer-lasting impact and magnify the look and feel of the headstone.

Design matters

The design of the headstone can enrich the message conveyed in the epitaph and make a statement on your desire to preserve the memory of the deceased. For instance, you can choose a headstone with a smooth design to encourage people visiting the graveyard to touch it and connect more with the deceased.

Everything from the shape of the gravestones to the letterforms and colors chosen could all contribute to enhancing the inscription and help create something unique and powerful that rightly honors the deceased. You can look for inspiration for the right design online, around churchyards or from other sources to ensure you come up with something that speaks directly to you.