Cremation Memorial Ideas For Outdoor Enthusiasts

When it's time to say your final goodbye to the outdoors man or woman in your life, you may want to choose a cremation burial option that matches their love of nature and the great outdoors. Fortunately, there are many choices available, so you can find the perfect one to honor your loved one.

Eternal reefs

If the ocean was a favorite place in life, it can also be a suitable final resting place. Eternal reefs are made using a mixture of cremated remains and concrete. The resulting substance mimics the durability and porosity of natural reef formations. These faux reefs are then installed in actual coral reefs where restoration efforts are taking place. So not only is your loved ones enjoyment of the ocean honored, their final action will help make the ocean they love healthier for native fish and wildlife.

Memorial benches

A bench overlooking a favorite outdoor location can make an excellent memorial to your loved one. It will help spread their love of this favored spot, as well, as others come to contemplate the view. There are bench options that contain a spot for housing cremated remains, or you can have a concrete bench cast using the remains. Another option is to simply host an ash-spreading ceremony at the spot and dedicate the memorial bench at the same time.

Plant burial

If plants, flowers, and trees were your outdoor lovers favorite part of nature, then perhaps having their cremated remains provide the initial nutrients to new plant life will be a fitting memorial. There are several companies offering biodegradable urns that come pre-packed with seed and everything else the plant needs to grow. After the ceremony, or as a part of the ceremony, the urn is planted. You then simply tend to it as instructed, which can be a healing option for the surviving family as well.

Cremation gardens

Cremations gardens are an alternative to the traditional memorial park or cemetery. A cremation garden is designed almost like a woodland park, with areas of forest, flowers, and lawn. Statuary and benches are actually memorials, with most holding cremated remains. Some cremation gardens even feature pathways and stepping stones made of cremated remains. Some cremation gardens are attached to traditional cemeteries, which makes them a good option if your family has a tradition of visiting graves. This way you can easily pay your respects regularly, while still honoring your outdoors lover in a fitting manner. Contact a business, such as Union Funeral Home-Lytwyn & Lytwyn, for more information.