How To Ensure A Headstone Pays Proper Tribute To A Loved One

A headstone presents a way for you to create a tangible, permanent tribute to a loved one who has passed away. It's what everybody who wishes to remember the person will look at when visiting the cemetery. It speaks for them after they are gone. Consider these elements to ensure that it represents who they were and what mattered most to them.

Include the Roles That Mattered

When you stroll past many headstones in a cemetery, you will notice that most probably include the basic roles the person played such as "son," "husband", and "father". However, you aren't only limited to describing who the person was to others. If the person was passionate about their job or hobby, you may also include the role that they played professionally or in their community. Choose descriptions that appropriately capture who the person was. You may also include unique accomplishments. One example of that is child actress Heather O'Rourke's marker, which pays tribute to the fact that she was the star of the "Poltergeist" movies.

Honor Their Preferences in Life

If someone chose to present themselves one way in life, don't choose a headstone that ignores those choices. For example, if they insisted on using a nickname, make sure it's included on the headstone along with their given name. If the person wasn't close to their parents, you need not to put "daughter" or "son" in the description of who they were. The headstone needs to be an accurate expression of who they were, not who they wished they were or who others wanted them to be.

Be Selective When Picking a Verse or Quote

If someone knows that they are facing their own mortality, they may have discussed favorite quotes or verses to include on a headstone, but many people don't think of headstones when discussing final plans. If you are making this tough choice on your own, first think of quotes they repeated often or verses they may have highlighted in notes to you. If none stand out, consider the way that the deceased person chose to live their life. A quote or verse that captures that overall life philosophy will be just the right tribute.

Finally, as anyone who is grieving already knows all too well, the loss of a loved one is one of the most stressful things a person can experience. Don't complicate your grief further by placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. Do your best with this knowledge to pick out the best headstone for your loved one and accept that you did right by them. For more informaiton, contact companies like Maurice Moore Memorials.