Trends In The Use Of Technology And Funeral Services

Funeral homes are finding more ways to take advantage of the use of technology to provide a lasting, meaningful memorial to the clients and families they serve. Some of these services are provided to families at no charge. The following trends are becoming more prevalent in the funeral services industry.

Social Media

Funeral homes are using social media for several purposes. Social media provides a free place to publish funeral announcements and obituaries. Social media also gives funeral directors an easy way to connect family members across the globe. Family members and friends can post memories and share tributes to the deceased individual. These memories and anecdotes can be shared at the physical funeral or memorial service. These memories may also be bound in a book to serve as a keepsake for those left behind to remember the one they loved.

Websites and Blogs

Funeral homes are making even more use of customized websites and blogs to promote their services. A well-crafted blog can provide contact information for the facility, as well as news and other important information. Obituaries and funeral notices may also be published on these blogs and websites. Links to resources to help the bereaved may also be shared, so individuals may find help when they need it, and eliminate the confusion that often comes in a time of bereavement.


Funeral homes are also making use of technology during memorial and funeral services. Large-screen projectors, DVD players, and computer presentations may be streamed during the services or during visitation, to give friends and family a look back on the most memorable times in the individual's life. These presentations go beyond a slideshow of pictures; music, videos, and other attributes are added to create a professional presentation. In addition, funeral and memorial services are now being live-streamed online, so friends and family members can attend virtually if they can't make it to the service physically. 

Funeral Planning

Funeral homes are also utilizing technology to help clients plan funerals in advance, or after a loved one passes. Custom-designed websites allow the bereaved to pick out music, flowers, caskets and vaults, ministers, and other services to ensure that their loved one is memorialized in the way they wish. Those who are interested in advance funeral planning may also utilize these websites to ensure that their final arrangements are handled so their family doesn't bear this burden after they are gone. Funeral services are also releasing apps for smartphones that allow people to plan funeral and memorial services and purchase necessary items.