4 Ways To Save On Your Future Funeral Costs

Funerals can be expensive; however, if you plan ahead and know what you want, you can budget for your funeral over time. Here are a few different ways that you can potentially cut down on your future funeral costs by planning ahead now.

#1 Figure Out What You Want

The easiest way to save money on your future funeral costs is by figuring out what type of funeral and burial you want now. Take time to explore all the different options that are available to you, and figure out which option really works best with your preferences, beliefs and budget.

By taking the time to tackle this subject now, you will be able to slowly save for your future funeral  costs and break up the expense so that it is affordable for you. This will save your family from having to pay for your funeral and figure out how to best honor you when you pass.

#2 Make Your Own Casket

If you decide that you want to be buried, one of the biggest costs will be your casket. Instead of investing in an expensive casket, you can save yourself a lot of money by making your own casket. You can even purchase a casket making kit online .

Making your own casket will give you the opportunity to customize it to fit your personality. It will allow you to also have enough money for the other elements of your funeral that you would like to focus on instead. Just be sure that once you make it, you store it in a safe place and you leave instructions in your will so that your family knows you want to be buried in your handmade casket.

#3 Direct Cremation

If you want to be cremated instead of buried, you should look into direct cremation plans. With direct cremation plans, your body is cremated right away, and your remains are mailed directly to the person in your will whom you designated them to. From there, your ashes can be scattered, stored, or turned into something else.

#4 Choose A Creative Memorial Service Location

Finally, another great way to save money on your future funeral costs is to choose an alternative memorial service location instead of a funeral home or a church. You can plan on having it at a relative's house, or at a nearby park. Budget and plan for a location that means something to you.

The real key to saving on your future funeral costs is to figure out what you want now and take the time to plan and budget for it. It is not a decision you have to make today, but you should set a deadline for deciding on what you want done with your body and how you want to be celebrated when you pass away so that you can adequately plan for it over time. 

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