Three Benefits To Cremation Over A Traditional Burial

Although it's a subject that many people find challenging to talk about, planning your own funeral arrangements is a responsible choice to save your family strife after your passing. Upon your death, your immediate family members will have enough to do without beginning to think of what type of arrangements you'd have liked. When you begin the process of sharing your wishes with a funeral director, one of the key choices you'll have to make is deciding whether you wish to have a traditional burial or whether you'd rather be cremated. Cremation is quickly growing in popularity; use of cremation has nearly doubled since 1999. Here are three reasons that many people find this choice appealing.


Arguably the most appealing factor about cremation is its low cost compared to a traditional burial. A traditional funeral that includes a burial vault costs an average price of $7,700. By contrast, a cremation and a memorial service averages only about $1,600. One of the biggest cost savings of cremation is the lack of having to buy a casket. While basic caskets aren't overly expensive, those that are fancier and designed to be displayed at the visitation and funeral service itself can easily cost several thousand dollars. If you're eager to leave as much of your estate as possible to those in your will, you might find the cost of cremation appealing.

Timing Flexibility

When you opt for cremation, it reduces some of the time-sensitive nature of carrying out your arrangements. Whereas it's typically necessary to have your visitation and funeral within a few days of your death if you've opted for a burial, there isn't the same urgency if you're being cremated. This means that if you have many family members who would need to make significant travel arrangements to attend your service, your immediate family could schedule a memorial service a couple weeks or even several months after your death to allow more time for making travel plans.

Distribution Of Ashes

Some people find the idea of being buried in a cemetery to be somewhat impersonal. And, while your family members can visit your burial site in the months and years ahead, many people prefer the idea of cremation services because the family can keep the ashes in a cherished place in the home, such as above the fireplace. Additionally, you also have the choice of having your ashes scattered outdoors in a special area that you treasured during your life, such as a favorite fishing spot or hiking trail.