Choosing A Mausoleum For Burial

At one time, mausoleums were reserved for the wealthy, dignitaries, and other people who had an impressive social status. Today, mausoleums are a more popular choice for many families and can offer a dignified way to memorialize loved ones. If you or your loved one have considered opting for a mausoleum, be sure you know which type to choose in terms of how you'd like the body to be stored. Here are the two most common ways you can be buried in a mausoleum setting.


Community mausoleums are just that: burial sites shared with others in a larger setting. The bodies will rest among others inside of a weatherproof and secured building. This allows visiting someone's grave site possible even in inclement weather. Many people feel that mausoleum burials offer them a more respectful way to be buried.

When looking for a community style mausoleum, decide if you need a single or two person crypt. If you're a married couple, the two person option allows you to be buried side by side. You will also need to select a crypt plate that is engraved with the person's name as well as date of birth and death, and any other script you choose. You may also add some personalized memorabilia to the mausoleum site, such as a photograph or artwork if you choose.


The option to have your own private structure erected is also available, although it will be costlier. You can opt to have a single slot mausoleum or one that provides a space for all members of your family. This allows direct family members and other loved ones to visit all of your family in one, private location without others unknown to you being buried. These structures can be custom designed and decorative statues, and other features are an available option.

Some examples of optional structural features include granite walls, doors made of bronze, angel statuettes, columns, and stained glass windows. The way you choose to have your private mausoleum built is up to you and will serve as a permanent memorial for your entire family, leaving behind a very important legacy. Instead of the traditional headstone and grave site, a mausoleum provides a protected place where the body of those you love is kept with the utmost reverence and respect.

Speak to a local company, like Hartman W A Memorials LLC, and ask them about the different cost tiers and availability to reserve a mausoleum for the future.