What Are The Different Types Of Funeral Services?

Many people have their funeral services prearranged so that their families are not left with this heartbreaking burden in the future. This is done by meeting with a funeral home director and discussing what services you prefer, and paying for them in advance or having them arranged to be paid for by your life insurance policy when needed. Many funeral homes offer a variety of different services so that their customers have more options to choose from. These are some of the types of funeral services that most funeral homes have to offer.

Traditional Funeral Services 

A traditional funeral service usually includes a visitation period, a memorial service and a procession to the cemetery or mausoleum.

  • Visitation - During the visitation period, the deceased remains in the casket at either the funeral home or another chosen place for friends and family to mourn together and express their condolences. The casket may be open for viewing the body, or it may remain closed during visitation.
  • Memorial Service - Memorial services can vary depending on the type of service the person wanted, what his family prefers and if he was or was not of a religious faith. This service is to commemorate the life of the deceased and allow those who knew him a chance to pay their last respects.
  • Procession - In a traditional funeral service, a procession will follow the memorial service. During this time, the body will be taken to the cemetery where it will be buried, or a mausoleum where it will be entombed. The body is transported by the funeral home vehicle, and those who wish to attend this part of the service are lined up behind the vehicle. The immediate family of the deceased are often next in line behind the hearse that carries the body as the procession drives slowly and respectfully to the final resting place.

Memorial Services 

Some people prefer not to have a visitation or procession for their funeral service. They may instead wish to be buried, entombed or cremated and have a memorial service for friends and family afterwards. Most funeral homes also offer this option, and it is often less expensive than a traditional funeral service.

Graveside Services 

Another type of funeral service that is available is a graveside service. This involves holding a memorial service at the cemetery, a nearby church house or the mausoleum, directly before the body is buried or entombed. This type of service is also less expensive than a traditional funeral service. Many years ago, this was one of the most commonly performed types of funeral services.

Special memorial services are also available for those who were in the military, served on a police force or held other types of rank in different organizations. These services may involve special ceremonial tributes in honor of the deceased person. 

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